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Hush-A-Bye album front cover

Hush-a-Bye - £10

  1. Golden Slumbers
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Hush-a-Bye
  4. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
  5. Come, Little Leaves
  6. Up The Wooden Hill
  7. Little Snowflake
  8. Last Night As I Lay Sleeping
  9. Indian Lullaby
  10. Face Trace
  11. The Willow's Lullaby
  12. Deep In A Sea-Shell
  13. Swing Song
  14. My Lantern
  15. The Rocking Carol
  16. Sweet and Low
  17. Spirit Blessing For A Young Child
  18. All Through The Night

Rosie The Little Red Car front cover

Rosie The Little Red Car - £10

  1. Here We Are Together (live)
  2. Peek-a-Boo
  3. Dance, Thumbkin, Dance
  4. Rosie, The Little Red Car
  5. The Clock Says Tick Tock
  6. Dabbling Ducks
  7. Mr Sun
  8. Hop Up My Ladies
  9. Lippity Lop
  10. Dance All The Night
  11. We Can Hear You
  12. Chug-a-Chug Chug
  13. Cherry Tree Farm
  14. Puffa Train
  15. In The Band
  16. As I Was Walking/Everybody Says Sit Down
  17. Shake Song (live)
  18. One Little Dreamboat

Five Little Field Mice - £10

  1. Hello Everybody
  2. Toothbrush Song
  3. Early In The Morning
  4. Brown Bear’s Snoring
  5. Riding On A Train
  6. Wide-Eyed Owl
  7. Five Little Owls
  8. I Spy
  9. Farmer In The Fog
  10. Mousie Brown
  11. Five Little Field Mice
  12. Rat-a-Tat Tat
  13. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
  14. The Magic Ring
  15. Charlie Is Beating The Drum
  16. One, Two, Three
  17. Come Along (The Goodbye Song)
  18. Baby’s Boat
50p from the sale of each copy of Five Little Field Mice will go to FSID (the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths).

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