Five Little Field Mice

Inevitably we weren’t able to put everyone’s favourite songs on Rosie The Little Red Car and some particularly popular ones had to be left for a sequel. So we’re delighted to be able to reassure those families who were disappointed not to find Early In The Morning,  Five Little Owls, and The Magic Ring on the Rosie CD that they are all on our new CD,  Five Little Field Mice!

We know that many of our Playsongs parents have been desperately waiting for Five Little Field Mice to arrive, having been forced (by their children) to listen to Rosie far too many times for their sanity! So here at last are another 18 of our favourite songs for under fives which we hope all the family will enjoy.

Once again the CD follows the shape of our Playsongs classes, starting with a welcome song and ending with a lullaby and our goodbye song (which along with Early In The Morning was recorded live with some of our mums, babies and toddlers).  In between there’s a wonderful mix of action songs, dancing songs, instrument songs, and even a couple of rhymes.

As usual we’ve included a lyric booklet  to encourage everyone to join in, along with suggestions for using the songs in a group setting.

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We thought you might enjoy some of Nickie’s reflections written during the recording of Five Little Field Mice.

Today I have spent all day shut inside a cupboard ……….. !

Why have I spent a lovely sunny day inside (yes, seriously!) a cupboard?

Because our sound engineer decided it was the perfect dead space in which to record the vocals.

I hope our mums appreciate the lengths to which we go for the sake of our art!

If only it had been a wardrobe …… full of fur coats…….. with the crunch of snow underfoot…… and the glow of a lamp post amongst the trees……  Sigh!

But no, it’s back to the cupboard tomorrow, with not even the hint of a faun for company (although today the cupboard was crowded with 5 wakeful little owls, a huddle of sleeping field mice, a snoring bear….. and a big red bus closely followed by a little blue car and an ice cream van going ting-a-ling-a-ling! It was, to say the least, a little claustrophobic in the cupboard!)

On a more serious note, Five Little Field Mice is dedicated to our dear friends Kirstin and Gareth Drake, and their baby son Haydn who died suddenly in his sleep. Kirstin and Haydn had been coming to our Baby Playsongs group. We have all been reminded of the importance of community and loving friendship, and  of the power of music to touch… and heal… and to reach deep into our souls.  Haydn will forever remain a precious part of our Playsongs family.

‘Love will not die…..’

50p from the sale of each copy of Five Little Field Mice will go to FSID  (the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths).