Hush-A-Bye album front cover

Towards the end of our Playsongs sessions we always sing a lullaby. It’s a very special moment – a chance for busy mums to be still, to relax and to cuddle their babies while we sing a beautiful lullaby. Sometimes something really magical happens and a deep hush descends as all the babies and toddlers sit completely entranced…. and some of the mums have been known to shed a tear or two!

Nickie has been collecting lullabies for many years now. ‘I think the oldest lullaby we sing is Golden Slumbers which dates from around 1600. I can remember my own mother singing that to me!’ Our most requested lullaby is Up The Wooden Hill, which was written quite recently. Both are on our new CD, Hush-a-Bye, which contains 18 traditional and contemporary lullabies from around the world, as well as a lyric booklet to encourage mums to sing along.
Hush-A-Bye album back cover

Hush-a-Bye looks absolutely beautiful with original artwork by Louise Lobban, who is herself a former Playsongs mum! It makes a lovely gift for a new baby or a Christening and can be purchased at any of our classes or online. Click on the Buy Now button below to be taken to the CDs page, where you can buy Hush-a-Bye, Rosie The Little Red Car, or both together!

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We’ve been delighted by the response to the CD – thank you to all of you who have sent us such lovely feedback!

‘The CD is beautiful and just exudes love…. It’s lovely to listen to when lying in bed just before going to sleep – maybe you should market it for adults who need to relax too!’ Angie Green, Artsreach

‘We LOVE the CD. I have given one to a friend and she loves it too. It is such a beautiful cover that it has made a great gift – I think I will be getting some more for presents….’ Emma, a Playsongs mum

‘The CD is so good it even sends our ridgeback to sleep!’ Fiona, ‘mother’ of Sekayi, a gorgeous Rhodesian ridgeback.

We hope the inclusion of a lyric booklet will encourage mums to sing along to the CD. Long before wind up mobiles were invented, mothers sang and rocked their babies to sleep. We believe passionately in the benefits of mothers singing to their babies and that a mother’s own voice has a special resonance for her baby. A few years ago we came across a lovely book that illustrates this perfectly. It’s called A Song For Little Toad by Vivian French and Barbara Firth. Nickie won it in a raffle. ‘I knew this book was meant for me as it sums up so beautifully what we believe in. It’s a story about a little toad who won’t go to sleep, and his mother believes it’s because her singing isn’t good enough. She thinks all the other animals sing better than her, especially the nightingale. But eventually she comes to see that her own voice has a special, unique quality for baby toad just because she’s his mother and they have a special relationship. A mother’s voice speaks to her child of things like security, nurture, protection and warmth, and no one else’s voice can convey quite the same meaning, no matter how beautifully they sing. We want to encourage all mothers to sing with their babies, and to understand that their voice is the most magical voice in the world for their own baby¬†…’