Rosie The Little Red Car

rosie-front (small)

We barely had time to pause for breath following the recording of Hush-a-Bye before people started asking when we were going to record our more lively songs!

So just 2 months after we launched our lullabies we were back in the studio working on Rosie The Little Red Car.  And now here she is, beeping her horn and inviting everyone to hop in and let her take you on a wonderful musical adventure!

Here are 18 of our favourite songs for under fives. We’ve collected them from various sources and they’ve evolved and grown with us over the years. We think it’s important to find songs that are as enjoyable for adults as they are for children – songs that are singable and catchy and, above all, FUN! We’ve also tried to find songs that are a little bit different from the ones commonly sung at nurseries, mothers and toddlers groups and pre-schools around the country.

So whether you’re a parent desperate for a new CD for the car, or a pre-school who feel your music time has become a bit stale, we hope you will enjoy meeting Rosie and all her friends!

Rosie Back Cover

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As with our Hush-a-Bye CD, we’ve included a booklet of all the lyrics so that parents can sing along. We’ve also given some ideas for how to use the songs to make them more fun and interactive, particularly in a group setting.

Those of you who come to our classes will recognise that we’ve tried to recreate the shape of our Playsongs sessions, starting with our welcome song and ending with a lullaby (One Little Dreamboat wasn’t included in our collection of lullabies as we’d only just discovered it at the time we were recording Hush-a-Bye.)

We thought it would be fun to try to capture something of the atmosphere of our Playsongs sessions, so two of the songs (Here We Are Together and the Shake Song) were recorded live with our mums, babies and toddlers. We were a little worried the children would clam up when they saw all the microphones, but they completely ignored them and did us proud! (As did their mums –thanks girls!)

Nickie, Louise and Gill

Nickie, Louise and Gill

Once again, the beautiful artwork has been done by our friend Louise Lobban. We love her depiction of the rolling Dorset landscape, and if you look closely you might spot Hambledon Hill (an Iron Age hill fort not far from Blandford where we live), a steam train (the Swanage Railway is always popular with our little ones), proud Mrs. Sheep and even Lippity-Lop scampering off to his burrow!

More than 70 of our Playsongs families joined us to celebrate Rosie’s arrival at Springhead, a lovely 18th century mill with the most beautiful lakeside gardens. It was very special to be singing Dabbling Ducks with gorgeous little ducklings just outside the window and a pair of nesting swans and their cygnets gliding past…!