Nickie and Gill return by popular demand after last year's hit with the Festival little ones. These are songs for the under 5s (although secretly we can all join in!)

Exmouth Festival


with Nickie and Gill

Come and chug along on the tractor, dance with the five little owls, find the squeaky button in your tummy and go for a ride in Rosie the little red car. A fun live music session with songs, rhymes and instruments for small hands

Larmer Tree Festival


with Nickie and Gill
Twinkling lights, magical lanterns, gentle songs and
hauntingly beautiful lullabies.... A soothing pre-bedtime session to relax

babies and little ones at the end of a busy day.

Larmer Tree Festival

We love the warmer months of the year and the chance to take our music out into the wider community at Festivals and other gatherings.

Do get in touch if you would like us to sing at your event. We can offer sessions for

  • Babies
  • Under 3s
  • Under 5s
  • 3s – 5s

with lively, fun filled songs in the daytime, and gentle, calming lullabies for the evening.


SERENATA Playsongs Plus press release 180810

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