Baby Playsongs
(birth – 12 months)

  • Gentle, soothing songs and rhymes
  • Stimulating, interactive, fun songs and rhymes
  • Simple instruments for tiny hands including bells, shakers, and toys that make noise
  • Puppets, colourful cloths, rainbow ribbons, and much more…

(birth-3 years)

  • Fun action songs and rhymes about the things babies and toddlers love to do!
  • Simple percussion instruments for little hands, including tapping sticks, wood blocks, cymbals, triangles and the much loved lollipop drum
  • Songs celebrating the seasons of the year
  • Hauntingly beautiful lullabies

Quirky Quavers
(3-5 years)

  • For little people who are now big enough to come without mum!
  • More lively and active songs and rhymes
  • Greater use of percussion and movement
  • Fun games introducing the elements of music  e.g. fast/slow, high/low
  • A short period each week listening to music eg Peter and the Wolf

Cool Crotchets
(5-7 years)

  • Helps bridge the gap before starting to learn a musical instrument
  • Experimenting with composing, movement to music and musical games to capture young  imaginations
  • Exploring a wide range of musical styles from jazz and blues to music from around the  world
  • A fun introduction to music notation

Groovy Guitars
(6-8 years)

  • A fun-filled, first guitar class, introducing simple chords and some basic strumming.

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