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(33) Bob Beare
Wed, 29 August 2012 17:14:16

Our son loves the 'Rosie the little red car' CD bought at Greenbelt last year. In fact, I'd say this was easily the best toddler CD we have bought. He now has the 'Five little field mice' too and is already learning it off by heart. Thank you!

(32) Jane Thrift
Thu, 5 July 2012 08:48:39

I was singing merrily along to Five Little Field Mice this afternoon in the car - excitedly waiting to see which track would come next - beaming enthusiastically when chords of a particular favourite started up - desperately trying not to do the actions when driving (....hurry hurry hurry) and rather worryingly - was unaccompanied by any child of any description! Thank you Nickie and Gill - what would I do without you?

PS Have let the kids listen now - think they were in awe!

(31) Charlie Welch
Mon, 2 July 2012 19:35:19

'Five Little Field Mice' is a wonderful CD and brought back so many happy memories. Alice has come home from school every single day and dashed straight in saying "Can I put the Field Mice on?" Her favourite tracks are 'Early in the Morning' and of course 'Five Little Owls' - nothing like a good bit of boogie woogie to cook supper to!
I am so sorry to have missed the CD launch, it sounded like a very special day all round. Very much looking forward to Playsongs at the summer festivals - we shall have so much fun. All my love, Charlie xxx

(30) greta richardson
Wed, 12 October 2011 12:52:42

Thank you Gill and Nickie for a lovely time at Play songs session. My little grandson, Ashton, will be taking your Rosie CD back to Canada to enjoy singing there in the mountains of Whistler! I hope he will be able to visit again next year and enjoy the singing, the interaction and, best of all, the musical instruments!

(29) Rachel campbell
Tue, 20 September 2011 19:32:20

I purchased your cd for my 23 month old whilst at Greenbelt after she enjoyed your workshop so much, and I wanted you to know how much she loves it (and indeed, her 3 year old brother and 5 year old sister!) it is now a firm favourite in the car and has everyone singing and clapping so many thanks, Rachel

(28) Diana
Mon, 20 June 2011 21:27:19

Dear Gill and Nickie, I just wanted to thank you for Playsongs today! Lucy and I sang "you can do anything in the magic ring" with great gusto while she had a blood test today. It was amazing - she didn't even need magic cream!! I do wonder how we would ever manage without you both - there is a song for everything!!

(27) Jo Robbins
Mon, 2 May 2011 20:56:04

Hi Nickie/Gill, Thankyou so much for singing at Jake's 2nd Birthday Party. He had such a wonderful time and keeps asking to watch it back on the camcorder again :0) Thanks again and look forward to seeing you both at our next Playsongs session. Love Jo, Stu & Jake xx

(26) Becky Donnelly
Wed, 30 June 2010 07:38:16

Nickie & Gill, Just wanted to say what a fantastic evening the 'mums night' was. Emily Maguire was amazing, the food was great, it was a really lovely evening. THANK YOU. Lots of love Becky

(25) Kirstie Monda
Fri, 9 October 2009 19:54:56

Thank you guys so much for your truly wonderful class - Lucia and I have been to several different singing classes on our travels (Jo Jingles, Kindermusik, Tiny Talk etc), all of which have been most enjoyable but, I have to say, not a patch on your interactive musical extravaganza; and now I'm so thrilled to be able to bring Lucia, Tessa & Emilio to enjoy your musical talents and excellent choice of educational and musically stimulating songs which make up each Playsongs experience. We adore both the CDs and listen to "Gill and Nickie" (to quote Lucia!) pretty much every day. Thank you so much. Just one question - when's the next one due out, I have Christmas pressies to buy?! Much love, Kirstie, Ian, Lucia, Tessa & Emilio xxxxx

(24) Clare Williams
Sun, 20 September 2009 18:44:38

Hi there, You know that I think you are both extremely gifted and how thrilled I am that Joel and I have access to your wonderful group each week-THANK YOU! Now I'd like to ask if you'd consider starting a singing group for big people to enjoy one evening a week...? Clare X


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