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(23) Dot Foster
Fri, 28 August 2009 06:56:13

Dear Nickie & Gill We moved from Dorset 7 years ago now, but I always loved bringing Kathleen and then George to playsongs when we lived in Blandford. I now have another son, Patrick, nearly 20 months, and was delighted when George's Godmother (who still lives in Blandford) sent me the CDs. Kathleen and George remember many of the songs, and Patrick loves them. Peek-a-boo, Puffa train and Rosie are his favourites. Thank you so much for recording the CDs. They remind me of many happy hours, and it's wonderful to be able to introduce so many lovely songs to Patrick, even though Halifax is far too far to come and join you. Love from us all, Dot, Kathleen, George and Patrick

(22) Titch Viner
Wed, 12 August 2009 12:59:16

Dear Nickie and Gill We just wanted to say what fun we had yesterday at Barfard Farm yesterday - well done for booking the weather! We all had a lovely time singing, thoroughly enjoyed the ice creams and relaxing in the gardens. I think we'll be going back there again. Thank you. Titch, Lizzie and Matty (+ the other 4 carloads from Motcombe!)

(21) Kate Chorlton
Wed, 8 July 2009 20:40:54

Wow........... What a great job you ladies have done, with the website and CD. I have been moved away from Dorset ( sniff sniff ) for a year and just bought your CD to share in my new pre-school. You were very helpful via email and the CD arrived at the speed of light! All of the songs have come flooding back to me, and 40 children in Bedfordshire are benefiting from your hard work. They totally love it ! Wish we could clone you ! Thanks again, Kate

(20) Vicki Solly
Sat, 4 July 2009 21:28:56

Dear Gill and Nickie, Just wanted to say how much Finn loves your CD 'Rosie the Little Red Car.' On Tuesday afternoon I drove Finn (almost 4) and his friend James (almost 5) back to my house and they were both entranced. By the time we got to our house they were calm and cheerful. When I asked whether we should bring the CD in to play in the house, a resounding 'YES' came from both boys. The cover and presentation of the CD is fabulous too. I will recommend it. Kind regards Vicki

(19) Jenny Stickney
Fri, 3 July 2009 11:11:25

Hi Gill and Nickie I just wanted to let you know what an enormous hit Rosie has been in our household. Joseph got it for his birthday yesterday and adores it. It has become a race between Joseph and Sophie who says the one they want to listen to next, first. Joseph already knows the majority of the songs (that is how many times we had to listen to it yesterday and this morning!). So thank you both so much for providing so much enjoyment to our children.

(18) Sharon McCole
Mon, 29 June 2009 13:51:30

I love taking my children to Playsongs as it is rewarding watching them singalong and playalong to the actions. They are much more alert on a Monday morning than they would be normally. The best thing all week is when the boys talk about their songs and they love to listen to the CD Rosie The Little Red Car when we are out and about.

(17) Liza Coates
Mon, 22 June 2009 20:34:18

At last I have found the site! I have just become a great-grandmother, and I want to buy a copy of your Hush-a-Bye CD for Ché as my grand-daughter's new baby boy is called. The songs are just delightful,and I could listen to them over and over again, so I am sure that Darrell and Krystina will like them too.

(16) Joanne Hall
Mon, 15 June 2009 09:41:13

Dear Nickie and Gill, Thank you for a lovely time at the launch of your new CD. I was so pleased that the weather stayed fine. Eve and I had a lovely time looking around the garden. She thoroughly enjoyed the Playsongs session and was singing her heart out to all the songs,... We played the CD on the way home and Eve wouldn’t get out of the car until all the songs had finished. I think her favourite one is Mr Sun! It’s a wonderful CD and will be a great reminder of all the lovely times we’ve had at playsongs. Jo and Eve x

(15) Titch, Lizzie & Matty
Sun, 7 June 2009 07:39:00

What a great Rosie launch! Fabulous CD.
The cake was yummy, the singing great fun and the surroundings beautiful. We listened to Rosie at breakfast and Lizzie's face with animal sounds in Cherry Tree Farm was brilliant. Matty is still doing his "shhh" action which he learnt yesterday. Well done, wonderful CD - well worth the wait.
Love from us all.
Titch, Lizzie & Matty

(14) Jessica
Mon, 16 March 2009 19:19:37

Fantastic CD and website girls! Your hard work has paid off! Keep up the good work -Playsongs is a wonderful musical experience for young children! I'm looking forward to Rosie The Little Red Car CD - dreamboats and puffa train being my faves! (Thanks Nickie for the sneak preview) Love from Jessica (Charlie's niece and Alice's cousin, if you hadn't already worked it out) xxx

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